Introduction As a way to communicate to the membership the efforts to deter recruiting while applying the rules as created by the Membership and in addition to use these circumstances to educate other member schools, BCSS will publish the results of the findings for recruiting complaints. This summary is not meant to provide a full record of the details, and wherever possible BCSS will remove names or identifiers of various individuals. The idea is to promote awareness of BCSS policies and compliance with them.   Case Summary - Recruiting Complaint - Public.pdf
The Board of Directors is distributing a call to sit on various BCSS standing committees, please have your application into BCSS by: June 13, 2019
Congratulations to Tanvi Pandhi, Fleetwood Park Secondary and Kristopher Krikwood, Sentinel Secondary for being selected as the two recipients of the BCSS Student Leadership Scholarship.  Tanvi and Kristopher will be attending the National Federation of State High School Association National Student Leadership Summit in Indianapolis from July 22-24, 2019.  
Please see attached results file.
Please see Package 2 for the 2019 BCSS AGM on April 26 & 27th in Kelowna. The package includes: General Information & Schedule Voting Forms & Travel Expense Claim Form Agenda [[{"fid":"4809","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","alignment":""},"link_text":"Standing Rules of Order","type":"media","field_deltas":{"4":{"format":"default","alignment":""}},"attributes":{"class":"media-element file-default","data-delta":"4"}}]] [[{"fid":"4820","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","alignment":""},"link_text":"AGM Reports.pdf","type":"media","field_deltas":{"9":{"format":"default","alignment":""}},"attributes":{"class":"media-element file-default","data-delta":"9"}}]] [[{"fid":"4817","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","alignment":""},"link_text":"Notices of Motion.pdf","type":"media","field_deltas":{"6":{"format":"default","alignment":""}},"attributes":{"class":"media-element file-default","data-delta":"6"}}]] [[{"fid":"4818","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","alignment":""},"link_text":"Audited Financial Statements 2017-18.pdf","type":"media","field_deltas":{"7":{"format":"default","alignment":""}},"attributes":{"class":"media-element file-default","data-delta":"7"}}]] [[{"fid":"4818","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","alignment":""},"link_text":"2017-18 AGM Minutes DRAFT - Inclu Appendix.pdf","type":"media","field_deltas":{"7":{"format":"default","alignment":""}},"attributes":{"class":"media-element file-default","data-delta":"7"}}]] Advanced Voting Information - Advanced voting will be open April 11th at 12:00pm and will close April 24th at 12:00pm. Pins will be sent to the School Principal who is listed in STARS. Please check to make sure the information listed is correct, if the information is incorrect please contact BCSS.     Notices of Motion Video – Much like the 2018 AGM, we have shot a video going over the Notices of Motion that are going to be brought forward at the 2019 AGM in Kelowna. The video is currently in its editing stages and will be sent out and posted on the website next week. In addition to the video we will be hosting two webinars to provide school representatives the opportunity to ask any questions they may have surrounding the notices of motion. Below are the dates and links for the webinars. April 15 – 3:30pm: April 17 – 3:30pm:   AGM RSVP – If you are attending the AGM and have not RSVP’d please contact the BCSS office immediately (, we need to determine catering and attendance numbers as soon as possible.
BC School Sports is pleased to announce a new scholarship opportunity for two student-athletes (one male,one female) who will be enrolled as grade 11 students for the 2019-20 school year. The two recipients of thisscholarship along with a school based chaperone (athletic director, administrator or school based coach) willattend the National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS) National Student Leadership Summit(NSLS) in Indianapolis, Indiana from July 22-24, 2019.
Please see the two attached documents for the BCSS 2019 - 2020 school year tier populations. ​The first document shows all BC School Sports Member Schools and population numbers that will be used for tiering next school year (tiering population numbers are from the September 30th, 2018 1701 form as submitted to the Ministry of Education).  The second document is for the new two year Boys Basketball tiering cycle (2019-2020 & 2020-2021), please note the deadlines to move up a tier. The move up form is included in the document, please send forms to James Johnston - BCHSBBA Tier Numbers as of Feb 25 - 2019
The 2019 BCSS AGM will be held in KELOWNA on April 26th & 27th this year. Please take a look at the attached AGM Package 1 and let us know if you have any questions.  Resolutions are due Feruabry 15th, 2019
Please take a look at the attached Re-Zoning Information Package. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the office at 604-477-1488 or  
The 2019 BCSS AGM will be held on April 26 & 27th at the Cove Lakeside Resort in Kelowna.  Stay tuned for more information regarding the AGM in December.  AGM Resolutions are due to the BCSS Office February 15th, 2019, late Resolutions will not be accepted! Please see the attached Resolution forms.    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the office at or 604-477-1488    
Please see the attached Memo regarding Motion 40 from the 2018 BCSS AGM.   
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Please see the attached 2018-19 Tiering Numbers - Final. **Schools that are highlighted in yellow have been updated with changes**   Please don’t hesitate to contact our office with any questions.
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Please see attached memo regarding Air Quality.
The 2018 - 2019 Handbook & Calendar Have Arrived! Keep an eye out for your copies at the beginning of the school year!  
Please see the attached 2018-19 Tiering Numbers - Version 2. **Schools that are highlighted in yellow have been updated with changes**   Please don’t hesitate to contact our office with any questions.
Please see the Final Strategic Plan attachment: BCSS Strategic Plan Final Report to the Membership.  If you have any questions please contact the office at BCSS Strategic Planning Final Report to the Membership  
Congratulations to our 2017-2018 BC School Sports Award Winners! Outstanding School: Bulkley Valley Christian School (Smithers) Female Coach of the Year - Jill Polukoshko - Eric Hamber Secondary School Male Coach of the Year - Mike Toakley - Belmont Secondary School Merit Award - Paul Eberhardt - RC Palmer Secondary School Honour Award - Jill Voros - School District 23   Click on the attachment for their bios!


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