About Us


BC School Sports was originally organized in 1965 as the British Columbia Federation of School Athletic Associations (BCFSAA) by a group of interested teachers and administrators. A constitution was adopted in 1966. Operational support was received from the provincial government and the association opened an office in January, 1970. The name was changed to BC School Sports in 1980-81.

Public and non-public secondary schools from across the province are member schools of BC School Sports. The association is self-governed with member schools approving the operating and competitive policies by which school sport is governed. BC School Sports also liaises with and welcomes input from school districts, the Ministry of Education, the BC School Trustees Association (BCSTA), the BC School Superintendents Association (BCSSA), the BC Principals & Vice Principals Association (BCP/VPA) and the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC).

BC School Sports has on average about 450 member schools each year throughout the province, with more than 90 000 student-athletes participating in 62 provincial championships organized by 19 active sport commissions.


The Legislative Assembly is the governing body of BC School Sports and is comprised of representatives from every member school. The Legislative Assembly comes together for general meetings. Every member school is encouraged to participate at the AGM.

The Legislative Assembly makes decisions regarding rules and regulations, operating policies, fees, association advocacy programs, position statements and membership programs and services.


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