Member Services

Central Office and Administrative Services

BC School Sports provides administrative services to Member Schools. Services include:

  • Production of the BCSS Handbook and the BCSS Wall Calendar;
  • Meeting minutes;
  • Sport and athlete registration;
  • Enforcement of Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations;
  • Applications for eligibility;
  • Sanctioning of sport events;
  • Bulk mail outs;
  • E-mails to member schools; and  
  • Bookkeeping

Sport and Team Registration

All registration for competition in BCSS approved sports is done through the on-line registration system (STARS - STudent Athlete Registration System) on the BCSS website. Member schools must register their schools, teams and athletes by the policy deadlines. 

Sanctioning for Out-of-Province

BCSS is responsible for the administration of sanctioning for all BCSS members. All competition with out-of-province teams must be sanctioned. This includes travel to play and hosting of teams. The sanctioning process is part of a North America-wide program managed by each of the Provincial and Territorial Associations and all of the USA State School Athletic Associations. It is also in partnership with Australia and many countries in Europe. Please be sure to apply with plenty of time before the competition to ensure the sports events are not affected. The Sanctioning Policies can be found in Section 480.0 page 50 of the handbook.