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Below are some common situations and forms, if you are unsure of which form you need, please contact BCSS and we can help direct you. Updated forms for the 2023-24 school year will be available August 15, 2023.  Submissions for the 2023-24 school year must be made using the current school year forms.  BCSS will accept forms for the 2023-24 school starting August 28, 2023. 

To review the section of policy please refer to the PDF icon 2023-24 Handbook

General Topics Situation Form Type Handbook Rule
Student-Athlete Transfers A student-athlete who registers on the first (1st) day of their second year of eligibility (grade 9)  PDF icon Grade 8-9 Transfer 2023-24.pdf

Section 911.2

Page 99 

A student-athlete has moved with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and changed their principal residence within the previous twelve (12) months

PDF icon Change of Residence 2023-24.pdf 

Section 923.0

Page 100 

A student-athlete transferring from their home school without changing the families principal residence. (occuring after his/her second year of eligibility-grade 9)


PDF icon Notification of Transfer 2023-24.pdf 



 Page 102


Eligibility Applications & Appeals A student-athlete who does not fall under the outlined rules or would like an exemption from a rule

Section 943.0 

Page 102

The member school would like to appeal the decision made on the following eligibility forms: Eligibility Application, C & A, School Declaration, International Students & Online Learning PDF icon Eligibility Appeals 2023-24.pdf 

 Section 944.0

Page 103

A school does not have enough students to field a grade 8 or bantam level team and would like grade 7 student-athletes to play up to that team PDF icon Grade 7 Eligibility Application 2023-24.pdfGrade 7 Eligibility Application 2023-24.pdf

Section 817.0

Page 90 

Distributed Learning/ Alternate  A student registered with an online learning school who would like to participate in a BCSS team activity

PDF icon Online Learning and Alt School Students 2023-24.pdf 


Section 822.0 

Page 93

Moving Up Move a player(s) to a higher age group team in the same sport

submit online form through STARS 

Section 818.3

Page 91

Middle/Jr School Play Up Middle/Jr School student-athletes who wish to play up to the feeder schools more senior team PDF icon Middle-Junior Playing Up 2023-24.pdf 

Section 818.1 

Page 90

Jointly Sponsored Teams Two or more member schools who do not have enough players to field a team and want to join together to form one team  PDF icon Joint Team Application 2023-24.pdf

Section 840.0 

Page 96


International Student-Athletes ) Section 823.0
International Students (transfer from outside of Canada Student-athlete is registered with the member school as an international student and pays tuition to the school district and is placed with a home stay family. (minimum of 5 months or 1 semester)

PDF icon International Boarding 2023-24.pdf 

Exchange Student Student-athlete transfers to the member school from outside BC for an exchange program that is an established and recognized program by either the federal or provincial government (minimum of 5 months of 1 semester)

 International Form 

Boarding Student (transfer from outside of Canada) Student-athlete is registered with the member school as an international student and pays tuition to the school district and resides in a school dormitory. (minimum of 5 months or 1 semester)

International Form  

Boarding Student (transfer from inside of Canada) Student-athlete is registered with the member school and resides in a school dormitory

International Form