Coach of the Year

BC School Sports Provincial Coach of the Year Award


The Coach of the Year Award is to recognize the outstanding achievements of a Coach. The recipient of this award guides thier athletes to success in sport through their philosophy of fair play and sportsmanship. This Coach leads by example and consistently demonstrates a dedication to lifelong learning and continous improvement.


The award consists of a shared perpetual plaque with the honorees’ names and schools engraved, and which is displayed in the BC SCHOOL SPORTS office.  In addition, both coaches will each receive a replica sized plaque. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have been actively involved in coaching high school athletics for a minimum of ten years.
  • Consistently promotes the philosophy of fair play and sportsmanship.
  • Must be, or have been, a teacher or school administrator.
  • Must not currently be a member of the BCSS Board of Directors.

Nomination Procedure

Any staff member in a Member School may initiate an nomination on behalf of a school coach.

The person submitting the nomination should complete the nomination form and include any support materials and testimonials as to why the individual should be considered and selected.

2021-2022 Winners

Byron Jack

Ken Lowe

Mary Bartucci

Sharon Shaigec


Past Recipients

  Male Female
2020 Stephan Burns & Ron VanDriel Kathy Hoshizaki
2019 Chris Frehlick Michelle Kelly
2018 Mike Toakley Jill Polukoshko
2017 Chris Turpin Michelle Nederlof
2016 Jack Boersma  
2015 John Garvey Nancy Champagne
2014 Tony Scott  
2013 Rob Solmes Debbi McKinnon
2012 Bob Saunders Sandy Drever
2011 George Oswald Anne Bracey
2010 Vern Fedorak Vicky Sahota
2009 Carlo Muro Sharon Snow
2008 Joe Moreira Marion McNeill
2007 Mike Keenlyside Nicky Carroll
2006 Bob Shannon Linda Johnstone

Platinum Partners