BC School Sports (BCSS) purchases Commercial General Liability Insurance for BC School Sports, recognized Athletic Associations and most BCSS Sport Commissions (except Football and Wrestling).  General information about BC School Sports insurance is attached below. 

If you are organizing Zone Championships or Provincial Championships on behalf of a BC School Sports-Sport Commission or recognized BCSS Athletic Association, and the facility requires proof of insurance, please complete the Proof of Insurance Request Form and submit it to

Note, you must first contact your school to see if this is something that the School Protection Program will provide an insurance certificate for before contacting BC School Sports.

If you have any questions please contact BCSS at or by phone 604-477-1488.

BCSS Insurance Forms & Information
PDF icon 2019 Insurance Info.pdf


Common questions:

Does BCSS provide event insurance for Junior Zones or Junior Championships?  

BCSS does not get insurance for junior zones or junior championships, except for Cross Country.  

My child/student got hurt at an event.  Does BCSS provide personal injury insurance?  

BCSS does not provide personal injury insurance.  Some public and independent schools offer a private personal injury/accident insurance plan to parents of students at the beginning of the school year at low cost.

Does BCSS sell insurance?  

BCSS does not sell insurance.  BCSS purchases insurance for most BCSS sanctioned activities. 

I have specific questions regarding a request for insurance, whom should I contact at BCSS?

A few of the BCSS staff can help you.  In order to be served as quickly as possible, please contact or the main line at 604-477-1488.