Student-Athlete Eligibility

School Eligibility:

Student-athletes can only compete for the member school at which they attend. 

Years of Eligibility

Student-athletes are athletically eligible for five years of school sport, from entry date into grade 8. The eligibility calendar continues to run regardless of a student-athlete’s actual participation on a team. 

Age Limitations:

Student-athletes must be under 19 years of age as of December 31 of the current school year, and be in no more of their fifth year of eligibility. 


Student-athletes must fulfil one of the following residency requirements:

  1. Reside with a parent(s) in BC;
  2. Reside with a legal guardian – guardianship must have been in place for twelve (12) months prior to the period for which eligibility is sought
  3. Must be a “Ward of the Province of BC” and assigned to an individual or family by the Ministry of Children and Family Development
  4. Must be attending a BC member school as a ‘residing full-time boarding student’
  5. Must be attending a BCSS member school as an international student or exchange student

Frequently Asked Questions:

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