2015-2016 Eligibility Statistics

Eligibility Application Summary

Data was collected from the 2015-2016 School Year - information that was sent to the eligibility officer.

Birth Year: Year student-athletes were born.

Rcvd: Number of eligibility applications received.

Withdrawn: Number of eligibility applications received and withdrawn before ruling.

Declined: Number of eligibility applications that were declined.

Accepted: Number of eligibility applications approved.

Rules applications were approved on:

  • D11.7 ci: The student-athlete has transferred schools for a bona fide academic reason.
  • D11.7 cii: The student-athlete has transferred schools because of financial hardship.
  • D11.7 ciii: BCSS other rule or unique and extraordinary circumstances.

 Elilgibility Application Summary.pdf


Transfer Summary

Data pulled from STARS January 1, 2015 - January 13, 2016

Reasons Student-athletes transferred schools:

BCSS Admin Transfer: Student-athletes who have submitted eligibility applications and or appeals.

D9.8 Transfers-Student-athletes transferring in grades 8-12: Compliance and Authorization Forms.

D9.8.1 Student-athletes advancing to a more senior school: Student-athletes moving up to a senior school.

D9.8.10 Incoming International Student-Athletes: International Student athletes who have transferred schools within BC.

D9.8.13 Student-athletes transferring during the month of September as a result of the school district transfer process: Students switching schools in September due to district transfer process.

D9.8.2 School District Re-organization: Students in school districts that have closed, re-organized, opened a new school.

D9.8.3 Change of principal residence: Students who have moved with a parent or guardian and filled out a statutory declaration.

D9.8.4 Parent to Parent Move: Students who have moved and are now living with their other parent and have filled out a statutory declaration.

D9.8.5 District Academic Program: Student have transferred schools due to a recognized district academic program.

D9.8.6 Alternate Program/Schools: Students who have transferred to an alternate school or program.