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2019-2020 Provincial Championships

Combined: Maple Ridge Secondary School

Female: Maple Ridge Secondary School

Male: Tamanawis Secondary SChool 


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Follow the below link to see the highlights from the 2020 BCSS Wrestlign Provincial Championships



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Executive Council

Position Name School Email
Commissioner Doug Corbett Terry Fox Secondary dcorbett@sd43.bc.ca
President James Messenger Ecole Alberni Elementary School jmessenger@sd70.bc.ca
Vice President (Women's Development) Ashley Verhaege Terry Fox Elementary ashley.verhaeghe@abbschools.ca
Treasurer Philip Cizmic Ripple Rock Elementary philip.cizmic@sd72.bc.ca
Past President Ian McDonald Carson Graham Secondary imcdonald@sd44.ca
Vice President Mike Munsie BC Wrestling Officials Association mike.munsie@sd72.bc.ca
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2019-2020 Provincial Championships

Eligibility Information

Wrestling Update December 13th, 2017

Before each tournament, the tournament Head Official will meet with the coaches to go over these important rules:

  • Two coaches only in each corner
  • Coaches cannot directly communicate with the on-mat referee before, during, and immediately after their matches ( exception: a potential injury )
  • A coach may raise his/her arm and ask to approach (protest) the mat chairman only once during a match when the referee stops the match
  • This coach may only question that one call/situation of that protest, then the officiating team with the HO will decide and that will be final
  • When a coach talks in the direction of the referee or the mat chairman and makes comments on officiating, he/she will be warned, then yellow carded, then red carded.

Clarity on Some Rules and Interpretations for High School Wrestling to be implemented immediately.

  1. Twenty minutes is the minimum rest time between matches for competitors at tournaments.
  2. Technical superiority (and the automatic ending of the bout) is a ten-point spread between opponents.
  3. In case of a tie at the end of the bout, the match shall be decided on the following criteria and in this order:

             (a) Points Quality:  4, 2, 1. i.e. if a competitor has a four-point score in a 4-4 bout, but his/her opponent has only two 2-point scores, the former will be declared the winner.
             (b) Fewest cautions.  i.e. if a bout is tied 4-4 and all the point scoring is equal (say 2 two-point scores again), then the first criteria to break the tie is the wrestler with the fewest cautions.
             (c) Last points.  i.e. if Points Quality and Cautions are equal in a bout, then the last points scored shall determine the winner.

  1. Gut-Wrench.  The initiator of the gut-wrench must clearly bridge off his/her shoulders during the execution of this hold, or his/her opponent will be awarded one point.  The initiator will then be awarded two points.
  1. Re-starts in the par-terre position. 

             (a) If a wrestler is temporarily injured and/or incapacitated and is par-terre when the referee stops the match, then the match shall be re-started with the previously injured/incapacitated wrestler in the “referee’s position” (on all fours) par-terre. 
             (b) The same shall hold true if the referee deems that a par-terre wrestler is attempting to avoid a hold by visibly fleeing off the mat while in the par-terre position.  To be confirmed by the Mat Judge and/or Chair.

  1. Activity Periods.  Before two minutes are elapsed in a round with no score, the referee must issue a verbal warning as the match continues.    If there is still no action, the referee (with confirmation) must stop the match and warn the most passive wrestler:  “Stop! Attention! Action!” If there is still no score, and again before two minutes are elapsed, the referee (again, with confirmation) will stop the match and put the most passive wrestler on the 30-second score clock.  That wrestler now has 30 seconds to score or his/her opponent will be awarded a single point.  There can, of course, be multiple “Activity Periods” in any given round.

          7. At the  end of  the  30 seconds  if  there  is  no scoring  , that  match  must NOT  BE  STOPPED !  The  match  will  continue , the  referee  will  award and  announce  the  1 point  to the  wrestler  not  on  the  30 second  clock. There will be no  caution.

 B.C. High School Weight Classes:

Boys:   (kg) 38, 41, 45, 48, 51, 54, 57, 60, 63, 66, 70, 74, 78, 84, 90, 110, 110+ (130 max)

Girls:   (kg) 40 (34 min), 43, 47, 51, 54, 57, 60, 64, 69, 75, 90, 90+ (110 max)

Note:  A 0.2kg allowance for the singlet is permitted.


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