Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists of all Boards Members, plus representatives and appointees of the Athletic Association of Presidents, Sport Commissions, BC School Trustees’ Association, BC School Superintendents’ Association, BC Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association, and the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils.  Please see the Bylaws Section 15 for more information about the role of the Advisory committee.

Committee Members

All Board Members of the Society:

  • Mike Allina, President
  • Mykola Misiak, Second Vice-President
  • Brent Sweeney, Director at large
  • Rick Thiessen, Director at large
  • Rick Lopez, Director at Large
  • Sean Juteau, Director at large

Athletic Association of Presidents Representatives:

  • Glenn Johnston (North Shore)
  • Dean Maion (Surrey)

Sport Commissioner Representatives:

  • Paul Eberhardt (Basketball-Boys)
  • Hubert Wohlgemuth (Ski & Snowboard)

BC School Trustees’ Association Appointee:

  • Heather Maahs

BC School Superintendents’ Association Appointee:

  • Joe Rogers

BC Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association Appointee:


BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils Appointee: