There is an option for the schools to submit a Joint Team application.


Handbook Section III D6

There is no deadline for applications, they are processed all year. Make sure the applications are submittted well in advance of when the student would like to play.

Do not send in a personal cheque. Please send a cheque from the school of the student applying for eligibility.

The Eligibility Officer processes applications in the order he receives them. Once all of the information required is provided they take approximately 1-2 weeks.


Handbook Section III D10

Yes! Students are able to participate as long as the school they attend is a member and the home-study distributed learning form has been filled out and approved.


Handbook Section III D8

A residence where the family lives the majority of the time and you can only have one. 


Handbook Section III D9.8.3

Legal guardianship needs to be in place 12 months prior to the period for which eligibility is sought.


Handbook Section III D9.8.4(a)

No, the student-athlete's eligibility is still five years and it begins on their first day of grade 8.


Handbook Section III D3.5.4

It is possible for grade 7 students to play on a grade 8 team but only if the team would not be able to participate without these students, which means any teams with a minimum number of one are not eligible for grade 7's to compete in. There are some additional rules and condition to this and a grade 7 eligibility application will have to be filed.


Handbook Section III D3.5

Student-athletes have five years of eligibility starting from the day they enter grade 8. This includes any years within that five years in which the student-athlete did not compete in any sports.


Handbook Section III D4.1

The Eligibility Appeals Committee (EAC) hears appeals from decisions of the Eligibility Officer.


Example: An Athletic Director (AD) submitted an Eligibility Application to the Eligibility Officer and it was not accepted. The AD can then choose to make an appeal, which will be heard by the EAC. The EAC will make the final and binding decision in regards to the atudent-athlete's eligibility.


No, student-athletes can only play for the school they are registered in. 

Example: School A had a Football team last season and they are not going to have one this season. Can a student-athlete play for School B while attending School A? No, student-athletes can only play for the member school in which they are registered. If the student would like to transfer to School B they are subject to all transfer rules.


Handbook Section III D9

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