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Handbook Rule

Grade 8 - 9 Transfer Form

A student-athlete changing schools after grade 8 for their first day of grade 9.

Section III D9.8

Page 62

School Declaration

A student-athlete was living with one parent but has changed schools to live with their other parent (Parent to parent move).

Section III D9.8.4

Page 64

A student-athlete who moves their principal residence with their parents or legal guardians (in the past 12 months).

Section III D9.8.3
Page 63

Compliance & Authorization

A student-athlete transferring from their home school without changing the family’s principal residence. Occurring after the first day of his/her second (2) year of eligibility (grade 9).

Section III D9.8

Page 62

Eligibility - Level 1 Application Form

A student-athlete who does not fall under the outlined rules or would like an exemption from a rule.

Section III D10

Page 68 - 69

Eligibility - Level 2 Appeal Form

A student-athlete would like to appeal the decision made on their  Eligibility - Level 1 Application Form

Section III D10

Page 68 - 69

Grade 7 Eligibility Application

A school does not have enough students to field a grade 8 or bantam level team and would like grade 7 student athletes to play up.

Section III D3.5

Page 56 - 57

Joint Team Application

Two schools who do not have enough players to field a team and want to join together to form one team.

Section III D6

Page 59 – 60

International Students Form

International student-athletes who want to participate in BCSS sanctioned sports. (Students must be enrolled for a minimum of 5 months or 1 semester).

Section III
 D9.8.9 – D9.8.11

Page 65 - 66

Home Study/Distributed Learning Form

A student from home study/distributed learning who would like to participate in BCSS.

Section III D9.8.7

Page 65

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