Why are there different registration deadlines?

There are three registration deadlines per season of play; Team Registration, Student-Athlete Registration and Final Deadline.

Team Registration

  • In STARS, Athletic Directors need to create (register) teams in every sport that they are going to be participating in. 
  • We reccommend registering all possible teams even if you are not sure if the school will field a team in that sport. This will help to avoid fines for missed/late teams and no fines are incurred for not fielding a team in a registered sport.

Student-Athlete Registration

  • In STARS, Athletic Directors must add the minimum number of students required to field a team.

Final Deadline

  • In STARS, Athletic Directors must add any remaining student-athletes to the team rosters by this date. If the minimum number has not already been met the roster will be locked, the Athletic Director will need to contact BCSS and fines will apply.



Seasons of Play: Section III E2

Registration Requirement: Section III C2.1 - C2.4

Fines: Section III C2.5, C2.6, C3


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